Practical Pinning

Increase Traffic and Grow Your Business Without Spending your Life on Social Media

An online course wth Megan Auman of Designing an MBA.

Practical Pinning - online Pinterest Marketing Course

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the algorithm changes to Instagram? Does spending time on Facebook to promote your business make your skin crawl? Are you ready for a different way to market your business online, one that works for you and doesn't take up all of your time?  

 It's time to give Pinterest a try!

Sure, it can seem like Instagram and Facebook are the only ways to market your business online. But the truth is, if your goal is to get new eyeballs on your business AND drive traffic to your website or online shop, they kind of suck. (Especially Instagram - seriously, why can't we just have clickable links and swipe ups in Stories for small accounts already?!?)

Fortunately, there's a platform that's actually designed to drive traffic to your site! And the best part is, it's not a popularity contest and it can work for you even if you have almost no followers. (That's because, spoiler alert, Pinterest is a search engine, not a true social media site!) And becase Pinterest is more search engine than social media platform, it works for you even when you aren't there!

Does this sound like you?  

  •  You want to get more traffic to your website, but you don't want to pay for ads or learn SEO.  
  •  You're tired of putting all your time and energy into Facebook or Instagram and seeing diminishing results.  
  •  You want a marketing system you can stick with - but doesn't take up all your time!  
  • You're ready to try something new when it comes to marketing your business online!  
  • Or perhaps you've used Pinterest in the past, but are finally ready to use it as a serious tool to market your business!

If you answered yes to any of these, then I invite you to join me for the next round of Practical Pinning!

Hi, I'm Megan Auman, designer, metalsmith, and educator!

Megan Auman - online jewelry design class

I've spent years studying and experimenting to find the best ways of marketing my business online, and when it comes to driving traffic to your website, nothing holds a candle to Pinterest. In fact, it's so powerful, I use it to promote both my jewelry brand and my online business teaching other artists and creatives.

I've been writing and teaching about Pinterest for years, and in this new version of Practical Pinning, I'm sharing everything I know about how to make Pinterest work for your business - without spending hours online every day!

In Practical Pinning, you'll....

  • Learn to approach Pinterest as a search engine, not a social media platform.  
  • Discover how to optimize your Pinterst profile so it appeals to your ideal customer.  
  • Create and pin content that attracts your customers, not your competitors.  
  • Develop a strategy for using Pinterest that doesn't require you to spend hours on the platform every day.  
  • And so much more!  

Best of all, you'll be guided by someone who has successfully used Pinterest to promote both physical products AND an information business.  

This isn't a program designed to give you lofty ideas that you never put into practice! Instead, it's a hands on class where you'll take what you're learning and immediately apply it to your marketing efforts - from week 1!

Practical Pinning

As a student in Practical Pinning, you'll get:

Practical Pinning
  • Instant access to five modules featuring over ten video lessons to help you understand how Pinterest works, set up your profile properly, and develop a strategy that works for you.
  • Lifetime access to the lessons and future updates to the course.
  • Prompts and action steps to help you make Pinterest a regular (and easy) part of your marketing strategy.  
  • Discussion areas for each lessons so you can ask questions and get feedback on your Pinterest strategy.
  • And the knowledge about how to use Pinterest in a way that works best for your business!

Practial Pinning features five modules, each designed to help you make the most of Pinterest as a marketing tool.

In Module 1, you'll learn what makes Pinterest different from other social media platforms (spoiler alert: it's a search engine, not a social platform) and how to leverage that in your business.  

In Module 2, you'll make sure your Pinterest profile is set-up for success, including making sure your profile is linked to your website and discovering the best boards to highlight your products or content AND attract your ideal customer.

In Module 3, you'll learn the best content to help move Pinterest viewers to your own website. (Where they can engage with your content and purchase your products!) You'll learn best practices for creating viral content on Pinterest (including photography and using text) and discover a content workflow that works for you!

In Module 4, you'll also be introduced to my daily pinning strategy so that you can start harnessing the power of Pinterest in only a few minutes a day! You'll learn how to approach Pinterest for the long term, including scheduling and systems, measuring results, and how to amplify your results with Pinterest ads.  

In Module 5, you'll learn how to capitalize on traffic from Pinterest by making sure your site is optimized to capture email addresses and make sales!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How is this different than your Creative Live class on Pinterest?

While my Creative Live class is filled with lots of good info on using Pinterst, it was filmed in 2014, and the platform has changed a lot since then. Practical Pinning was completely refilmed in 2020, meaining you'll get up to the minute details on what's working on Pinterest right now!

Does it matter what part of the world I'm in?  

Nope! You can take this class from anywhere as long as you have Internet access that allows you to stream data. I chose a time for the live lessons that should work fairly well if you’re in the US, Canada, or Europe (or if you’re a night owl in Australia) but all the lessons are recorded, so you can watch them at a time that’s convenient for you!  

What do I need to access the lessons?  

You will need a computer or mobile device with Internet. (While you can watch the lessons on your phone, I’d recommend a computer or tablet so you can see the content a little better!) All lessons are conducted via Crowdcast, which also has a mobile app you can use to access content.  

How long will each module last?

Each module features between 30 and 90 minutes worth of video trainings.

How long will I have access to the material?  

You’ll have lifetime access to the course material! (Perfect if you get a little behind or want to revisit the course material later.) And that includes future updates, which means you'll always be up to date on major future changes on Pinterest.

Who is this class for?  

This class is for creative business owners who want to sell more online. As a product designer AND online teacher, I've had experience using Pinterest to promote physical products, online classes, and services, so I understand the differences in using Pinterest for each.This program is great for artists, designers, and makers. And you'll be able to ask questions about Pinterest that are specific to your business!

What do I need to take advantage of this class?  

You need a website where you sell your products (Etsy is ok, though you'll get more out of it if you have your own site) or a blog where you promote your online classes or services.

How are payments handled?  

You can pay securely using your credit card or PayPal. For the payment plan option, you must use a credit card.  

If you are opting for the payment plan, your first payment will be charged immediately, the second one month later, and the third and final payment will be one month after that.  

Have other questions? Still wondering if this class is right for you?  

Feel free to shoot me an email at with your questions! I’m happy to answer them!

Ready to get started?

Lifetime access in Practical Pinning is just $399!