Learn to take pictures that help your customers fall deeply, madly in love with your art, craft, or handmade products.

*Using the camera or smartphone you already have!!

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When it comes to selling your art or products online, nothing does the job better than your photography. 

Unfortunately, it can be so easy to get bogged down in getting your photos "right" that you forget to give them the thing that actually helps you sell - soul.

I get it, product photography can be tricky. There's so much to worry about:

  • camera settings
  • lighting
  • white balance
  • composition

You just want to get it good enough so you can move on.

But in today's competitive online landscape, good enough doesn't cut it anymore. It's not enough to accurately showcase your products - your photography needs to tell a story and create a feeling in your potential customer that has them saying - "damn, I need to buy that, now!"

Imagine having a clear process you can use to get stunning product images on demand.

A process that lets your brand voice and creative expression come through in every product photo.

A process you can turn back to again and again to launch new collections or give life to old art or product lines.

Introducing Poetic Product Photography...

An on-demand digital course that guides you through every aspect of product photography - from getting comfortable with your camera (or smartphone) to backgrounds to lighting to styling to editing and so much more!

"I've found the fun again!"

"Poetic Product Photography filled in the gaps for what I was missing in my product photography. It got me excited to shoot new product photos. I’ve found the fun again! Plus, my product photos are getting a bigger response on social media."

-Amy Darigol, LuvCherie Jewelry

Poetic Product Photography features six modules with videos and exercises, all designed to guide you through the process of creating incredible product photography.

Control Your Camera

Whether you're working with a smartphone, mirrorless, or DSLR (or you don't even know what those terms mean!) this module will demystify your camera. From choosing the right options to tweaking settings to get the best image, you'll feel more confident and in control when it comes time to take photos.

Build Your Backgrounds

When it comes to backgrounds, there's so much more than basic white and gray. In this module, you'll get creative and experiment with a variety of backgrounds (most of which are free or low cost!) to find what works best for your products and your brand vibe.  

Let There Be Light

Good lighting is essential for showing off your products and setting the mood. In this lesson, you'll discover the pros and cons of natural vs. artificial light and figure out what works best for your products and brand vibe. Plus, you'll learn to use lighting for some stunning and dramatic effects.

Play With Props

While props aren't a requirement for great product photography, they can help set the stage and tell a story. In this lesson, you'll learn what makes a great prop (and what to avoid so they don't steal the show) and you'll mine your studio or house for props that help your products pop!

Compose with Confidence

Composition is one of those less discussed aspects that can really take your product photography to the next level. In this module, you'll learn the #1 composition rule when it comes to poetic product photography and you'll bring everything together (background, props, and lighting) to create a cohesive image.

Edit Effectively

If all the other lessons are the building blocks of poetic product photography, editing is icing on the cake. This is where you'll take the images you're creating and make them shine. Plus, I'll cover an assortment of editing tricks, from cleaning up dirt to straightening edges to getting those tricky, perfectly white backgrounds.

In Poetic Product Photography, you'll....

  • Identify the emotions, aesthetic, and brand vibe you want to communicate through your product photography.
  • Learn to control your camera settings - whether you're using a smartphone or DSLR.
  • Find the perfect backgrounds to really make your products stand out - without breaking the bank!
  • Develop a consistent and repeatable lighting set-up that makes your products look incredible.

  • Play with props to set the stage and tell a story.  

  • Learn to edit your images so they really stand out!

  • And so much more!  

Best of all, you'll finish the program with incredible photography you can use on your product pages, your email marketing, and your social media!

When you join Poetic Product Photography, you'll get:

  • 6 modules, featuring videos, examples, and resources.  

  • On-demand access, so you can work through the lessons when it's right for you!  

  • Exercises and homework for each lesson to help you put the concepts you're learning into practice.  

  • The ability to ask questions and request feedback in the private online classroom.

  • Lifetime access, so you can rewatch whenever you need a creative jolt or revisit the process to create a new collection.  
  • The confidence to create incredible product photography that will have your customers saying "I want that!!"

"So many 'aha' moments!"

"So many 'aha' moments in Poetic Product Photography! I don’t need a white background? I don’t need to include one photo showing the entire piece in a product listing? How freeing! Another 5-star training from Megan Auman."

-Suzanne Paynter, The Elegant Muse

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Hi, I'm Megan Auman, designer, metalsmith, and educator!

I've been photographing my own art and jewelry since the days of slide film.  (Yes, I'm that old.) But I was also a pretty early adopter of digital photography.  (Basically, as soon as the resolution was high enough to make it look good, I was all over photographing my art digitally.)  As far back as college, I was the one helping my fellow classmates get better pictures of their projects.  My product photography knowledge runs deep.

Not only that but as a teacher, I'm known for taking complex topics and breaking them down so that they're easy and manageable.  And I love merging the creative side of our brains with the business side.  And nowhere is that more pertinent than in our product photography!

I created Poetic Product Photography to help demystify the photo process and take your photos from good enough to truly stunning.  In each module of the class, we'll focus on a different area of your photography (lighting, background, composition, editing, and more) to help you avoid overwhelm and build your poetic photographic voice.

And because a big part of developing your eye and taking better photographs is getting feedback, I'll be with you every step of the way.  You'll be able to submit photographs for feedback (I promise, it's gentle) so you can make them even better!

Because I want you to get comfortable with the equipment you have, you can take this class with whatever camera you have on hand - smartphone, DSLR, or something in between - it's up to you! I'll be giving tips to help you get the most out of whatever camera you're using and answer your specific questions along the way.  I can't promise I can answer every detailed question about the different types of cameras, but I'll break down the scary tech talk and point you in the right direction if you need more!

So what are you waiting for?

Registration in Poetic Product Photography is officially open! Instant lifetime access is just $249!

Got questions? I've got answers!!

Who is this class for?  

Poetic Product Photography is for makers and designers selling a physical product - jewelry designers, ceramic artists, textile designers, wood carvers, candle makers, you name it! This course will also work for anyone creating small (under two feet or so) two-dimensional art.  (Unfortunately, photographing larger paintings or artworks is outside the scope of this class.)

Where can I use the photos I'll be taking for this course?  

On your website, product pages, blog, email marketing, and social media! In short, anywhere on the web where you need images.  You can also use many of these images to put together a wholesale line sheet or apply to shows.

Do I need a special camera to take this course?  

Nope! While I'll be going over the details of how to work a DSLR, you can take the class with only a smartphone. (In fact, the majority of my example images in the class were taken with my iPhone XS.)

I've been struggling to get good white background images. Will this course help with that?  

In more ways than one! Throughout this course, you might realize that you don't actually need white background images at all!! (What a relief!) But in case you do, I'll also show you my editing tricks for getting a crisp, white background, without having your art or products look blown-out.

Does it matter what part of the world I'm in?  

Nope! You can take this class from anywhere as long as you have Internet access that allows you to stream data. All the lessons are recorded, so you can watch them at a time that’s convenient for you!  

How should I expect to spend on this course?

Videos range between 15 and 35 minutes, depending on the topic. Each lesson also includes homework. But don't worry - this isn't pointless homework. Everything in the class is guiding you towards creating images you can actually use in your business!

How long will I have access to the material?  

You have lifetime access to the course material, so you can revisit any time you're feeling stuck or need a creative boost.

How are payments handled?  

You can pay securely using your credit card or PayPal. If you chose the payment plan option, you will be required to pay by credit card.

Have other questions? Wondering if this class is right for you?  

Feel free to send me an email at megan@craftmba.com with your questions! I’m happy to answer them!

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Registration in Poetic Product Photography is officially open! Instant lifetime access is just $249!

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